Sending Your Items, Used Panty Seller Advice

What Type of Envelope or Packaging Bag Should I Use to Send My Items?


One of the most popular questions we get asked by sellers is, what should they use to send their items to a buyers.

First lets cover a few key points:

  • Discretion & privacy is key – All packaging and envelopes should not reveal what is inside.
  • Your postage is pre-paid – We provide you with a pre-paid label for your orders to ensure you never have to pay for postage.

Should I Use An Envelope or Packaging Bag?

For items such as selling used panties we always recommend that a sellers use a packaging bag. This ensures that someone can never look inside the package, for example if it rains an envelope will quickly become see-through, leaving your buyer embarrassed a likely to never order from you again.

Standard a4 self-sealing packaging bags, like these from Amazon ( will be suitable for the following items:

  • selling used underwear
  • selling used thongs
  • selling used panties
  • selling used bras & lingerie
  • selling used socks
  • selling used stockings & tights
  • selling used sex toys, outfits and pyjamas

For selling really obvious sex toys and shoes we recommend a standard medium postage box.